Wednesday, May 4, 2016

One Kerala, Two Tragic Deaths…

Today’s newspaper brought the news of two tragic deaths;
Jisha of Perumbavoor, Lineesh of Narippatta near Nadapuram

Another Soumya, Nirbhaya; yet another female victim of
The male chauvinism, sexual perversion, caste system, and what else!
Social conscience of Kerala is awaken
Postmortem is going in the media debates, as to who all are responsible!
Must find out, must punish, but would that suffice?

Why did we leave Jisha to live in a single room house that offered no protection from the predators?
Until her tragic end, nah, until she became a news,
Where were we, all the cultural talking heads, and the powers that be?
Why couldn’t we find the most deserving family of Jisha and offer help, while she was still alive?
Civil servants, politicians, organizations, innumerous social workers…
No one saw the tragic life? A solution?

Outraging in death is much easier than seeking a living solution
Jishas and Nirbhayas will continue to be attacked in this imperfect world;
Society can ensure a good night’s sleep by, at least, ensuring ‘justice’ to the victims!
No life will come back, but at least a semblance of vengeance!
While at it, we can also try and seek a few extra votes and some TRP.

Had a house, not a women, not a dalit
Yet, killed in his thirty-forth year!
Was making bombs with his comrades in arms!
The bomb blasted a little too early, taking the maker’s own life!

Why the bombs, while in elections?
For what? For whom? Shouldn’t we know?
Shouldn’t we find the responsible persons? Punish them?
Or should we merely etch Lineesh as yet another martyr, on a tombstone?
I see no postmortem, no outrage….Only a deafening silence, all across!
Don’t we need a living solution, here too?
Shouldn’t we end this political violence and bomb culture?

Sexual perverts and psychotic killers will always be there
We can at least build a house and try to protect Jishas from them
What about those political leaders- lusting for power, willing to kill?
Shouldn’t we save Lineeshs, democracy, and our society from them?

Let each life live its full course!

P.S: Subsequently, got to read the news reports that Kerala Government has already given Jisha's family financial assistance of Rs 3.75 lakhs to buy a plot of 5 cents land and Rs 3 lakhs to construct a house therein. Notwithstanding the unfortunate end of Jisha, how many state governments in India would be able to claim such a noble deed?!