Friday, August 29, 2008

Where is the limit?

Hello.. The World out there...

I am a new blogger.. Just confused about a lot of things...

To begin with let me post my biggest confusion :

What is the shape and where are the limits of this universe? If it has a shape it must a limit too.. right? If so, what is beyond the limit? If you say, it is empty again that means further space. Space without limit? I am confused!!!

Can anyone out there enlighten me?



  1. Question which exists in most of people's mind. Actually the limit can be found for an object, in this case our EARTH has a limit(boundary), when things like AIR can't have a boundary and it accommodates in a object which contains it. So basically a boundary can be defined with an object if the universe doesn't comes under an object category like AIR we can't find its limit without keep it inside an object. Also an limit can be found if there is another object or thing exists after the present one. Like searching on GOD's existence this is goes endless. for GOD i argue if he born naturally why CAN't this universe born naturally without a GOD. if this universe needs a GOD to create it there is something must require to create GOD and that loop goes endless. right. i shared my views.

  2. Hi Ambadi, you can visit and find many answers. Also visit to find answers to real questions. Blessings!