Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Addendum to ‘Doing Good, Being Selfish- The simplest Formula to Change the World’

When I posted my previous Blog titled ‘Doing Good, Being Selfish- The Simplest Formula to Change the World’, I really thought many will laugh at me and my Utopian Thoughts.  However, I am pleasantly surprised to receive feedback that are very positive and in agreement with the simple formula.  It is a reassurance to know that all is not lost and there are people around, who wants this world to change into a better place to live, and are willing to do Good and Be Selfish towards that end. 

One such thought was received as a part of comments to my Blog.  The link to that post by runawaydoc , which I liked a lot for its message as well as the treatment of the subject, is:  http://runawaydoc-k.blogspot.com/2011/08/heal-my-world-too-mr-harry-potter.html . This Blog beautifully analyse the success of the Harry Potter story and derive at the conclusion that the reasons for that success is nothing but our innate wish to see the win of Good in the Bad world.

Another comment that I received is from someone who has succeeded in making the formula a part of her life.  The thoughts expressed by bindu menon deserve to be read and not merely hidden in the comments section.  Therefore, let me quote the same here:

Wow Wow... This blog post exactly represents my outlook towards life.. Do things which helps our Conscience to stay clear..It would be a beautiful place and world if we could all care for each other a little more..and have sympathy for the ones suffering around us..to share their misery with them even if you cannot directly alleviate their sorrow..some soothing words to that person would do magic..I may be being selfish in doing such simple acts of empathy but then it is fine with me..I feel so very satisfied and I keep on doing it..encourage my family and friends too..Just a simple loving smile I get back by doing or saying a kind word or deed makes my day and I am full of Joie de vivre..

I believe in being a Peaceful warrior..People do vent out on us out of their own personal frustrations.. I keep my cool..my weapon is my smile .. they give up..it is almost a daily affair at my job place..the workers do talk loudly, argue too with our section head..but when they turn towards me..they somehow cool down..I make them comfortable and explain things to them..that is how I deal everywhere..I imagine myself in their place..and thus understand their frustrations and anger..when things are not working out for them.

I derive joy... immense joy in this simple feeling of care, the richness of loving fully & following it by caring with all one's whole being..

Let us all make this World a Better place by carrying within ourselves only the SACRED and never the profane..

Let me or anyone for that matter never ever be revengeful..Let us spread and give only kindness, trust, joy, relief to all around us..You are bound to get all that back in return providing our minds a sense of satisfaction and a GOOD night’s sleep

I hope both these friends would forgive me for taking the liberty in quoting them, in this Blog, without their permission.  

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