Tuesday, September 27, 2011

May We All RIP....

R I P...

It is one of the most common acronyms used to indicate different things in different contexts.  Same acronym is used, with different meanings, in Biology, Mathematics, Computers, Military, Music, Philosophy and Law.

However, we are concerned here with the layman’s RIP -Rest in Peace, used to wish the dead. 

I often wonder why we chose to reserve this most appropriate wish to the dead and gone!  Are we supposed to rest in peace only when we are dead?  Why not have our rest in peace while we are still alive and kicking, struggling or whatever?

Wishing a dead body anything, including RIP, is rather ironic.  It probably supposes a soul different from the body itself, where death is only a process of liberating the soul than destroying it, because the body itself has to but undergo decay/destruction.  Even if we accept this belief, how can a soul rest?  If so, by now this universe should have been filled with souls of the entire beings that lived and died.  Would they be resting as in sleeping somewhere or stacked some place?  Are we wishing those souls not to get another life (if you accept the rebirth theory)?  Are we praying that the soul get to rest in the ultimate Moksha, as in a sort of retired ‘life’ after the innumerous births?

Well, I have my own beliefs in the matter of soul, rebirth, Moksha etc.  But they are not relevant here (and I would prefer to use the subject for another blog).  I will not quarrel with anyone wanting to ‘wish’ a liberated soul to be deprived of all the excitement of life and to be wasted forever by being permanently stacked somewhere!

But why deny that pleasure of peace to the living souls, sorry, is it living persons?

The living beings spend their lives in these three conditions; (i) Rushing (ii) Resting or (3) Rusting.  All the excitement of being alive and all the struggles associated to being alive ensure that most of us are ‘Rushing’ for most of the time.  However, to make the Rushing effective we need to have proper Resting too, in life.  I believe that the appropriate balancing of rush and rest is the secret of sustainable success in life. 

The third dimension, i.e., Rusting is the worst condition for any living being.  These are probably the people who believe that this life is just one in the series of lives that the soul has to go through before the final rest.  Therefore, they don’t rush and without rush one can’t appreciate rest. They merely waste their life, with no use whatsoever for either them or others, without any worry about the consequences. They just rust, until their death.

Irrespective of which condition a person is in, he can always do with some peace.  Rust, Rush or Rest- do it in peace.   Peace is the permanent outlook of nature.  It is the living beings that disturb the peace of the nature (ever heard of a dead disturbing the peace, except in Dracula stories and horror movies?).  If they manage to find peace in their own lives that will, in turn, take the nature back into its peaceful existence. 

What we are doing or going through does not have to affect our peace.  Peace is a state of mind.  If we can learn to keep peace with ourselves, we will be able to do that with our families, our societies and our nations. No matter what the provocation- nothing will affect us.  We have instances that teach us the efficacy of maintaining peace even while we are in the process of resolving worst of worst conflicts.  We can master the art of living in spite of all the struggles that we may have to go through in day to day life.

Let the dead worry about their rest.... Let us wish we all enjoy peace, irrespective of what we do.  Let us not disturb the peace of this nature.  Let us not forget that we are mere tenants here and not the owners.  Enjoy as much as we can; but as far as feasible, do not destroy or disturb the order of nature. 

May Peace be on all of us in our Rush, Rest and Rust...



  1. i believe that death is not a full stop in a persons destiny..life is a journey.. and it doesn't stop at death. death is only a pit-stop.. wherein u change the vehicle u travel in , u shed the human form and u take a new form..what the new form is no one knows.. hence the mystery shrouding death!

    and i guess wishing a person peace when they die, is almost like wishing them a peaceful n safe journey!

    the point u bring out as to y, the living need more peace is also true.. we need peace in our lives just like we need air..and the just like we breathe, its a simple process to be calm n peaceful.

    but then we hyperventilate, and feel stuffy, loose our peace of mind over miniscule details of life..
    we dont accept simplicity we complicate it
    we make it tough and contorted

    but then just like we breathe all we need to do is to remember that being peaceful is very simple.

    contentment lies at the root of peace.. being content with ourselves and with the world.. thats what we need to focus on..

    and i am sure if we are peaceful. we can spread peace too...

    ps: my thoughts are messed up, sorry its fatigue n hypoglycemia at its highest!

  2. Great ! Incredible Post on RIP..Rest In Peace..

    The moment I hear about someone's demise..first words my heart utters is May His/her soul rest in peace..Or “Atmaavinnu Nithya Shanthi labhikkate” in my mother ..This I repeat in my prayers often, if the death occurred to the particular person is an unnatural one .. coz I believe that if the reason behind death is not a natural one..the soul is not liberated..I have heard my parents and grand parents discussing such type of deaths..So I too follow them and pray ardently for liberation of Soul after his/her death

    Now the three points you have mentioned in here. 1.Rust 2.Rush and 3.Rest
    Rush and Rest are an important part of everyone’s Life..I just cannot exist without rushing..My body and my mind are constantly on a run, sometimes perturbed by various matters..And I do end up being confused too..due to this constant rushing into things..but then I manage to put a break on all of it and do this deep breathing..which is a form of Rest for me..My Mind gets an instant energy, feels calm and serene..and I am at Peace..Sanity restored..And I make my move with great vigour..
    So yes..Rest and Peace are essential requirement for one's existence in this world..Exhaustion & Irritation are rife if one has frayed nerves which is often cause for stress .. Personally in my line of work..I face many such frayed nerve personalities..I have become an expert at dealing with such people..where in I have learned to maintain my calm & cool composure and let such people release all their work related frustrations, anger, criticism and contempt..I have learned to empathize, hear the views and find a solution out.. In this journey..I too have learned to keep my cool and peace of mind..an ability to soothe oneself.
    Rust .. I cannot imagine about..It is a waste of time and precious years of our Life, if we choose to rust..So as far as I am concerned..It is Rush and Rest..and Rest and Rush..Life moves on very well and in Peace .. this way 
    Undoubtedly..Calming down is an immensely constructive step..Let us all be at Peace..and spread the word of Joy and Peace to the world..

    "Please pray for peace in our world. Pray especially for peace in our own hearts, because a peaceful world depends on individual peace. Pray for peace in our homes, communities, place of worship, work, and in the world."

    ps: Sorry for such a long comment..Habitual I am .. just cant stop when expressing my thoughts on certain topics..Sorry :(

  3. This is just awesome thoughts! Out of the box.. We should be looking for peace everywhere, not only to the dead.

  4. You have turned RIP on its head! Supremely cool!Indeed worthy of emulating:)