Tuesday, January 31, 2012

National Pledge for these Slapping Times!

India is my country and all Indian cheeks are my slapping boards.
I love my slaps and I am proud of its rich and varied publicity.
I shall always strive to be worthy of it; taking it from 
“Bas Ek Hi Maara’ to ‘Tees Maar Kha’.
I shall slap my leaders, teachers and all elders and treat everyone with disdain.
To my ego and my publicity, I pledge my slaps.
In their live coverage and publicity alone, lies my happiness.

(With due apologies!)

Ack: The second line of the pledge is a contribution from @cyberpungi


  1. Haha :D I knew this pledge would have a touch of humour too .. Whattay SLAP PLEDGE..!!

    Yeah Days are not very far when Schools Colleges and even Establishments around India will take a pledge that.. come what may I will not raise my hand and Slap anyone . Whatever be the incitement or provocation..that I will not lose my Cool and go on a slapping spree..

    Ah ! with so many resounding slaps happening for the flimsiest to most serious reasons..Some way it is seen for venting deep down boiling anger & frustrations ! What does it give us..A fame of a few days .. as you say "for my ego and my publicity" (For the ones who go slap slap)! Does the reason behind this slapping spree get solved ? No I dont think so..still People rejoice when someone is slapped in public ! Why such a mentality ? It is a sad trend !