Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Appeal to Sikh Brothers and Sisters!

This post is a collection of tweets that contain a very sensible and emotional appeal from @sdsanddunes, a proud Sikh herself, to her Sikh brothers and sisters, on the folly of creating memorials for terrorists from the community who fought this nation and caused so much misery to the community itself.....  This nation survives on the strength of such wise and passionate feelings! 

With kind permission from my friend @sdsanddunes

My dear Sikh brothers and sisters,

 I hope you also realize how militants had terrorized and subjugated the whole community, who suffered a lot.   Most of you may not have been born but, I was very much around!

Militancy only makes the common man suffer... and die...for the benefit of a few, who con people into believing they are fighting for a 'just' cause... just to gain a few followers, fame, or, something else. 

Injustice cannot be fought by becoming unjust ourselves. 

Congress is not India, nor was Indira who misjudged, nor, Rajiv Gandhi, who deliberately encouraged genocide.  But, please understand, these militants were not 'friends'...they were 'fiends'!

I have heard a lot about wanting justice for 1984 riots. I also want that. But then, work for that! Don't become tools in others' hands!

I'm noticing since some time now, the efforts of some vested interests, to arouse Sikhs' passions against the Nation, using religion as tool.  Many living abroad are showing a sense of outrage against non-existent things and trying to arouse religious passions by misinformation.

Some vested interests and politicians use people for their own ends... creating militants...which solve nothing... Nothing! Only brings misery!

This Nation belongs to us...anybody trying to convince you otherwise, has his own selfish agenda! Those who die protecting the Nation from fiends are the real 'Heroes'!  Don't disrespect their supreme sacrifice by felicitating those who try to undermine our very ethos and dignity.

Why don't Akalis make memorials for those who died fighting the enemy in wars? Are they not sons of the soil? Isn’t their cause worthy?

There are those who might feel that I am attacking Sikhs! Nothing could be farther from truth! I am a very proud Sikh and well aware of Sikh history!


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  1. I liked for the maturity shown in the post w.r.t Indira Gandhi and Congress stance. Shared on Twitter. I am yet to read on what's going on though...recent development per se.