Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You Knew My Words!

You knew my words, knew them well
That what they meant; what they said
That they were my dreams, and my fears
My frustrations, my compassion
My deep desires; my strong feelings
My rising anger; my sarcasm
My innocent love; maddening lust
They were my thoughts; filled with you!

You knew that they were seldom complete
Always failed to convey thoughts
Much remained, yet to be said
Spoken words killed unsaid thoughts

You looked for meaning; beyond my words
Between lines, between words
Behind my smile, inside my eyes
You always found, those hidden thoughts

You found them nice; making you smile
You found them naughty; letting you laugh
You found them profound; making you think
You found them sad; bringing tears!

Then something changed; what was that?
Was that you or your world?
Was it my words, or my thoughts?
What did turn you suspicious?

Now you don’t find those left out thoughts
You don’t find those unsaid words
They don’t make you smile anymore
They do scare you easily now!

Where have those teasing smiles gone?
Where did the suspicious stare come from?
My words are same; my thoughts are same
To me at least, I am the same

It must be you and your views
That changed a lot and changed for good
My thoughts are free, my words are free
Now way above you and far beyond you!

Seeing a world that was unknown
Much wider and much deeper
With all the problems and the prospects
All the thrills of exploring!

I thank you for freeing my words!
I thank you for my open thoughts!


  1. Growing even after broken love ... its from the heart ... which means you are in love ... but who left you ???

    but beautifully written .... :)

    1. Thank you :)

      I leave it to you to interpret the lines than spoiling the whole fun by further explanations!

  2. I am not a poetic type, so won't be able to express myself so beautifully.. I liked the way you said what others feel, but can't.. - Reena Satin

  3. Loved the simplicity and honesty in this narration:))

    But dont think I quite understood the last part as it probly was meant ...pls explain?:))

    1. I will not come in between your imagination and anything that is said above... :)

    2. And the suspense will be resolved!!!:))))

  4. Jay, Very Simply put and in the simplest of words.
    Its the most difficult thing to let go and catch hold of one's own self. Difficult but not impossible.

    And once you are out of the comfort zone, it always makes one better, and stronger.

    Great Work as usual with the play of Words...
    Aditi Shah