Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On Crossing the Milestone of 100,000 Visitors!

 Thank you all, for making it Possible!

And forgive me for this self-congratulatory reflection!

When I created this blog titled Thoughts, on August 29, 2008, my intention was to simply experiment with a new medium that I came across.

I described the objective of my Blog in the following words:
This blog functions like an exhaust valve to bring out my cluttered and sometimes confused thoughts. Please give your comments so that we can make this more useful, with wider perspectives.
It took me five months to do another post, and it took me three years to cross the milestone of having more than 100 visitors in a month!

My blogs took a definite political direction when the ‘India Against Corruption’ movement began what was considered by many people, at that time, as India’s Jasmine revolution.  Many of my arguments got proved right, by subsequent events.

What followed was the blitzkrieg of Narendra Modi’s takeover of Indian politics.  I did many posts against what I genuinely felt as a danger to the social fabric and constitutional framework of India. The last one year of Modi’s governance is clearly showing that my fears were not entirely misplaced. The systematic undoing of each and every authority that can help the civil society and individuals against the hegemony of state are indication enough for what is yet to come. CIC, CVC, Lokpal, NHRC, changes in the Land Acquisition Act, dilution of the Environmental laws are only the tip of the iceberg. I hope my worst fears will not become true, and the democracy of India will remain powerful enough to deal with the intentions of Modi and the groups that created him.

As a concerned citizen, I could not remain aloof to the political development and it reflected in my posts. However, to a large extent, I continued to share those apolitical thoughts that are dear to me. Those are the posts that gave me many valuable friends from the other side of the political divide. My wish is to increase the frequency of such posts that focus on various aspects of the day to day affairs of individuals, families and societies.

Today, my Thoughts crossed the 100,000 number on the visitors’ count. I do not know the significance of this number to the blogging world, but I count this event among one of the greatest achievements of my life! I am neither a celebrity nor an established writer to take the numbers for granted. Apart from the urge to share my perspective on issues, each increasing number on the visitors’ count is what motivates me to continue writing. 

There are many people, especially from Twitter, who encouraged and supported my Blog by giving feedback, commenting on the posts, or sharing the links.  But for their active support, I am convinced I would not have reached anywhere near this important milestone of 100,000 count. Those interactions also gave me many valuable friends- some of them sharing my ideas and some of them opposed to those ideas.

I, once again, thank everyone who contributed in any manner, to my blog reaching this important milestone.  

These posts will continue to share my cluttered, and often confused thoughts.  I will never claim any absoluteness of my views. However, I promise sincerity in all my posts! I, once again, solicit readers’ perspectives on the issues raised in my posts so that I (and other readers) can widen the perspectives.