Monday, January 4, 2016

Social media’s love for dead soldiers!

Whenever a soldier gets killed in action, it is action time for the social media, with tweets and Facebook posts flying all around.  Everyone salutes the dead, and displays the tearful pictures of their near and dear ones. Some people are explicit about their motive- they demand RTs and likes! If you don't do it, you are not a patriot!

Some others take it as an opportunity, to showcase their patriotism. After all, they will not go and serve the armed forces. Nor will they send their children to serve in the armed forces. It is always for someone else’s children to go and die, protecting the mother land. Wasn’t it a soldier who coined the saying about firing from another person’s shoulders?

Why bother about such thoughts that perhaps a soldier’s pride is not in getting killed for his country, but in eliminating the country’s enemies without getting killed. A military leader had apparently shouted at his men- “I don’t want anyone willing to die for the country. I want only those who are willing to kill for the country.”

None of the patriots are as kind, to the survivors of actions and wars. The survivors are mostly a nuisance. They call themselves veterans. They demand higher pay and allowances. They demand respect from civilians. They demand One Rank One Pension. They even go on Dharna at Jantar Mantar against ‘our Government.’ They bore us by recounting their action stories, for years to come!

Above all, what a shame, they even failed to die for the country!

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