Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jan Lokpal Bill and Basic Features of Indian Constitution

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  1. I share "an outpouring of my own concerns and misgivings" Please watch LIVE BROADCAST of Parliament if UPA tables #janlokpal We need strong lokpal w/ proper checks & balances. UPA says corruption is OK as we have 1 police & not 100!:)

  2. Issue

    Prime Minister

    anna hazare view

    Lokpal should have power to investigate allegations of corruption against PM. Special safeguards provided against frivolous and mischievous complaints

    Government’s view

    PM kept out of Lokpal’s purview.


    As of today, corruption by PM can be investigated under Prevention of Corruption Act. Government wants investigations to be done by CBI, which comes directly under him, rather than independent Lokpal

  3. Government wants judiciary to be included in Judicial Accountability Bill (JAB). Under JAB, permission to enquire against a judge will be given by a three member committee (two judges from the same court and retd Chief justice of the same court). There are many such flaws in JAB. We have no objections to judiciary being included in JAB if a strong and effective JAB were considered and it were enacted simultaneously.

  4. MP's..... Taking bribe to vote or speak in Parliament strikes at the foundations of our democracy. Government’s refusal to bring it under Lokpal scrutiny virtually gives a license to MPs to take bribes with impunity.

  5. Grievance redressal......
    Violation of citizen’s charter (if an officer does not do a citizen’s work in prescribed time) by an officer should be penalized and should be deemed to be corruption.

  6. CBI is misused by governments. Recently, govt has taken CBI out of RTI, thus further increasing the scope for corruption in CBI. CBI will remain corrupt till it remains under government’s control

  7. Selection of Lokpal members....
    Government’s proposal ensures that the government will be able to appoint its own people as Lokpal members and Chairperson. Interestingly, they had agreed to the selection committeeproposed by anna hazare team in the meeting held on 7th May. There was also a broad consensus on selection process. However, there was a disagreement on composition of search committee. We are surprised that they have gone back on the decision.

  8. Insighful. brief and concise. Can a citizen move to court against the Janlokpal?

  9. we need better lokpal than jan should not affect the basic constitutional laws.(Dr.sing can give best bill than any body)