Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who carried out Mumbai Blasts?

I live just about a kilometre away from one of the three blast sites in Mumbai, Dadar Kabootharkhana. I realise I could easily have been one of the victims, if it was only another time and another day. So, I am concerned more than many of the others about what happened in Mumbai on this 13th July and who are the black forces that carried out such a dastardly act on us!

The Police who are investigating these Blasts have not yet come to any conclusions as to the identity of the people or groups behind them. They are still working on the leads and trying to establish the identity. Some of the indications pointed fingers at Indian Mujahideen (IM). There are also other indications that do not confirm to their usual modus operandi, as per the media reports.

However, not all of us are in doubt. Some of the immediate reactions to the blasts blamed Pakistan, even before the extent of the tragedy was known. Some others pointed fingers at a section of our own society. However, these were emotional and immature reactions to an unfortunate incident and therefore, to be rejected out rightly.

But, as the day progressed, we witnessed attempts at politicisation and exploitation of the emotions. Mr LK Advani, who visited Mumbai today, had no doubts whatsoever that the Pakistan was behind the blasts either directly or indirectly by sustaining the Indian Mujahideen. He went on to demand that the Government of India take strong actions to get the ISI declared as a terrorist organisation and stop all talks with Pakistan until that country takes concrete steps towards terrorism. These were not ranting of an old man, because the BJP spokespersons like Chandan Mitra reiterated this position of directly holding Pakistan responsible for the blasts.

I believe it is irresponsible for supposedly responsible people to start blaming countries or groups without establishing the truth, or at least credible suspicion. As reported in the media, the rains at the site (open umbrellas making CCTV recordings less effective) as well as total absence of any electronic exchange among the perpetuators, unlike in the past, makes it difficult to confirm IM’s involvement. As it used to happen in the past, there were no communications sent to media from IM, claiming responsibility for the blasts.

That leaves the lists of suspects vide open. I am not a security or terrorism expert. Yet I can list many entities that could be behind these blasts. Just to prove the futility of premature blaming, I will list some of the possible suspects. Please do not take this as my accusation against one or the other named entity.

1. Indian Mujahideen – They have done it in the past. They have the expertise in IEDs

2. SIMI- The modules of the now banned organisation could easily be behind the blasts

3. ISI or its elements- Our usual suspects in any blasts in India. Also to disrupt proposed talks between Foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan

4. Pakistan based Kashmiri terror groups- with or without active support from ISI

5. Elements of Mumbai underworld – They have the training, resources and manpower

6. Any new groups that may have emerged under the radar in recent times.

7. Remnants of Abhinav Bharat or other disciples of Assemanand – They have done that in the past and successfully shifted blame on to the other organisations

8. Any other right wing organisation to bring additional pressure on Central/State Government.

9. Any political parties with the intention of destabilising the present government

10. Maoists who are in continuous struggle with Maharashtra Government.

11. China, with the intention of keeping India and Pakistan apart.

12. Any local forces, so that they can use these incidences in furthering their agenda

It is easy to accuse any one of the above (this list can be longer depending upon who creates it) but such accusations in the absence of proof will only be irresponsible. I know some of the above suggestions are laughable, but no sane investigating officer will rule out any possibility unless there are reasons for that.

Whoever it may be, those who conducted these blasts chose not to claim responsibility. I do not understand what purpose will be served by terror strikes unless one claims them, except for trying to defeat the spirit and morale of the people. People of Mumbai have defeated the designs of those terrorists by not losing their spirit and by keeping calm. If they chose to react, as the terrorists might have wished for and like some of our social and mainstream media friends wanted, there would have been riots in this city today.

People of Mumbai deserve a big salute for not falling for the designs of these terrorists or those who are trying to fish in the troubled waters.


  1. I fully agree with what you have to say here, Jay. Every time something like this happens, the fingers are pointed, there is ranting about why the government does not do a better job. But unless we don't trace who are really behind these attacks (and I stress that all attacks may not have the same masterminds) I believe its hard to arrive at any conclusions.
    With the recent broad daylight killing of crime reporter Dey, its very clear that the underworld crime syndicate in this city still thrives. They may be linked to terrorist groups. They may be linked to ISI. But unless a thorough investigation is done, as in the case of 26/11 - we cannot really tie up all the attacks that happen in Mumbai. Another thing I find strange, is that the Opera house, which is where diamond merchants set shop has been targeted.

    And as for those citizens who cry hoarse every year, that they are helpless, the government is incompetent, I say - Go join the government, go join the armed forces. I don't think sealing the borders of Bombay is a piece of cake. There are more than 20 million people in this city and more who come every year.

    Be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

  2. Absolute truth. It's easy to rant and blame the govt. The other day on NDTV a certain film man Jerry pinto started cursing Nidhi Razdan and the panel. Pathetic it was, just trying to garner some emotional reap from the incident? He was abruptly stopped and sent away.

    Let the GoI do their job. You have an exercise of vote, use that and choose the best amongst the lot.

  3. Jay Sir,
    I just happened to read this and I am wonderstruck that I am reading a blog of a 'successful Corporate Lawyer'.

    It further amuses me that this piece was written on July 2011. That this article was written after trial court & High Court MH has upheld the charges for Ajmal Kasab & Co makes it really really interesting. You have really 'proven' your 'sickular' credentials.
    But I think were was no need to add this 'abhinav bharat' bit. Its well known that for 'sickular minds' a person & a terror sentenced by legal courts is NOT GUILTY where as a person/group if belonging toa certain community is GUILTY if investigating agencies have made ' charges' against him.

    Best of luck for your 'successful legal career'.