Thursday, March 8, 2012

Once now and forever all - In celebration of the Women's Day!

                                 From Ananyaa- A Friend and Guest here 

Kicking up the sand
She kept walking towards the sea
She was more than determined
To end it all now, end it all, she thought
Once now and forever all

The sand grew damper, wetter
With every step of hers
Capturing her heel
Marking the bottom of her shoe rather intricately
Giving her more than necessary time each step
To reconsider her planned action, unnecessarily

She did reach the sea eventually
Kicked up her bright red shoes, now full of sand
And stood there unmoved, in sheer disbelief
Looking at the wide expanse of the water body
Which, all over again, did mesmerize her                                        

To do or not to do, her usual dilemma
Needed to be put down to rest
Once and for all today
Once and for all, she heard herself mutter again

But now, for once,
She knew what she wanted to do exactly
To tear his letters and spread them about
In the sultry damp air, and
In the receding salty waters of the low tide
Never to be retrieved
And never to be relived


  1. lovely....Happy Women's Day.

  2. Lovely !!! For an instance I thought she had arrived at the Sea to end her life due to some sad occurrence in her life..Towards the end I am relieved to read that she decided to get rid of her past, tear all the letters from him, throw into the sea.. get rid of this failed relation and lose them into the depth of sea never to return. Hopefully these memories ..though will remain.. May it never ever trail her in daily life

    May Happiness Peace Grace be with her always
    My Wishes for her :)
    Serve in Gratitude your life purpose, embracing your power, compassion, and strength as a woman !

  3. For a minute there I thot it was *you*, and was gonna say "liking this soft side to this objective man"!! LOL