Monday, September 29, 2014

Constructive Use of Social Media: An Example from Trivandrum Division of Indian Railways

Very often we get to hear, even from the users of social media that the social media is full of trolling and negativity. I admit there is an element of negativity and abusiveness prevalent on social media, perhaps due to the false feeling of anonymity. However, like any other medium or technology social media is also a double-edged sword. The outcome of its use depends on how and for what purpose we use it, rather than on the medium itself.

                These thoughts came to my mind when I noticed an exchange that took place on Twitter. The incident may seem silly, but knowing how our systems function I cannot but appreciate an excellent and positive use of Twitter by the people involved. Let the pictures speak further:

#tvcdrive Sir, the condition of rail bridge over State Highway 5 close to KAYANKULAM JN Railway station @sunilbajpai
6:21 PM - 27 Sep 2014 

The flex board in Malayalam cautions bike riders to be careful about the human excreta that may fall on them through the gaps in the railway over bridge when the trains are passing. I am told the condition was persisting for quite some time now.  As you can see from the tweet above, Mr. Renjith informed Mr. Sunil Bajpai who is the Division Manager of Indian Railways, Trivandrum Division. Obviously, Renjith was making use of the new initiative by Trivandrum Division, in using a Twitter Hash-tag #tvcdrive for ensuring cleanliness. The Hash-tag is created as a part of Trivandrum Division's Clean Railways initiative for October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanthi day. As you can see from the tweet below, Mr. Bajpai replied in less than four hours:

@MrCo_OL Thanks a lot! Your tweet is already taken note of by the concerned officer.
9:58 PM - 27 Sep 2014

The concerned Officer replied Renjith, by next day, via following tweet:

@MrCo_OL @sunilbajpai Planned for attention on monday.
12:52 PM - 28 Sep 2014

Mr. Sreekumar followed it up, promptly, with a satisfaction report by next day:

@MrCo_OL @sunilbajpai Photo of Bridge after attention #tvcdrive

As if evident from the picture above, the problem was solved with a simple solution, no doubt providing much needed respite to the users of the road. The social consciousness of Mr. Renjith and the responsiveness and sense of duty of Mr. Bajpai and Mr. Sreekumar are great examples for all of us social media users to emulate. Let us also help Indian Railways in making their #tvcdrive a grand success on October 2nd.

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  1. Great observation and accurate conclusion! Not a confused soul at all!