Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Abusers on Twitter: An Interesting Experience!

Today, I woke to an abusive tweet from a handle that I had never noticed as one of my followers on Twitter.  The anonymous handle is named ‘Angry_AJ’ and the short bio on the profile introduces the user as an “Abusive when Abused else Easy loving Girl.” I did not remember abusing anyone including this handle on Twitter. So, I was curious as to what prompted this otherwise ‘Easy loving Girl’ to become so abusive!

Last night I saw a Time of India tweet that said, “Gujarat set to become India’s manufacturing and petrochemical hub: Anandiben Patel" Since our PM Modi has always been claiming that Gujarat is already a most developed manufacturing and industrial hub, I felt that the present CM’s use of future tense is an insult to him. I commented, sarcastically, on the story and tweeted as follows:

Jay_Ambadi: Set to become? Trolling Modi? ;) RT "@timesofindia: Gujarat set to become India’s manufacturing and petrochemical hub: Anandiben Patel"

Nilim Dutta  responded:

‏@NilimDutta:  @jay_ambadi After sooo many years of 'development' and #VbrantGujarat? :p  @timesofindia

This tweet prompted the Angry_AJ to abuse me and Nilim Dutta by tweeting:

‏@Angry_AJ: @NilimDutta @jay_ambadi  two of the biggest MCs of a Twitter now talking about Gujarat which is alive like salt in every dish bhenchos

The first thing I read when I woke up in the morning was this abusive tweet. As I am used to receiving such tweets from unknown handles, at first I decided to ignore it. However, it did not end there. Perhaps this ‘Easy loving Girl’ understood my silence as a weakness. So, ‘she’ came back to attack me further when I retweeted the following response to the Union Minister, Ms.Uma Bharati’s outrageous comment on electric crematoriums:

@utterflea: Uma Bharti babe plis go ahead and opt fr a log cremation. As fr me, Id rather not have my pristine knee caps floating down the Ganges

Our ‘Easy loving Girl’ responded by this tweet:

@Angry_AJ:@utterflea die before she succeeds @jay_ambadi

When I saw this, I was convinced (going by my past experiences) that this handle is not going to let me tweet in peace unless I confront and settle the matter. So, I responded in the same tone:

‏@jay_ambadi: @Angry_AJ And you, rot when she succeeds! @utterflea

Though my intention was to get back at the handle, but there was an element of truth in my response. If we go by the suggestion of Ms. Uma Bharati and do away with electric crematoriums we all will have to rot, to some extent! Isn’t the half burned bodies thrown into Ganges so infamous?

Let me quote the tweet exchange that followed:

@Angry_AJ: @jay_ambadi bastard you I didn't referred you son of a bitch don't dare again @utterflea

Now the ‘Easy loving Girl’ is not only abusing, but also warning me not to dare, to respond again! I decided to call the bluff and responded:

‏@jay_ambadi: @Angry_AJ :-)) Thanks, but no thanks! So, please take that back. @utterflea

The exchange that followed went like this:

@Angry_AJ: @jay_ambadi  nope u deserved that , don't interfere when not needed everybody is not Gandhi, you get twice the hit             

‏@jay_ambadi: @Angry_AJ What are you? Godse? You tagged me in a reply. I didn't tag you or follow you. I don't take abuses, I just return it to the giver.

‏@Angry_AJ: @jay_ambadi nw shut up AH

Now that 'she' wanted me to shut up, I decided to push it further!

‏@jay_ambadi : @Angry_AJ You started it by barging into my TL. Come on, bring out your worst abuses. Let me see how much your parents have taught you.

‏@jay_ambadi: @Angry_AJ But I reserve my right to block you, just to keep the dirt out of my TL.

‏@jay_ambadi: @Angry_AJ What is the worst abuse that you were taught? Or you finished your quota? I am waiting eagerly to know your standards

That is when she decided to make the expanded form of AH clear to me so that I don’t miss her message!

‏@Angry_AJ: @jay_ambadi I said shut up asshole

I was in no mood to give up, yet. I wanted to take the conversation to its logical end!

‏@jay_ambadi: @Angry_AJ You are a coward &you cant silence me. You can only abuse me &show your upbringing. I am ready for the challenge. bring it on.

By now the ‘Easy loving Girl’ has decided it is not worth pursuing. What can you do to a person who is not getting upset with the stock of your worst abuses? You cannot obviously attack him physically on twitter (or even in the real world when you are too scared to lose your anonymity)! When there was no further response, I checked the status and found that Angry_AJ has already unfollowed me.

I brought the conversation to an end by sending this tweet:

@jay_ambadi: @Angry_AJ Glad to know that you have unfollowed me now :) Have a great day ahead!

Obviously, I received no further responses! Thank you, Sri Buddha, for devising the best strategy to deal with such vicious abusers!

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