Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Development: Narendra Modi Style

The impact of Narendra Modi’s demonetization and other master stroke actions/ inactions as reflected on the economic growth data:

April-Feb IIP at 0.4% vs 2.6% YoY
Feb IIP at -1.2% vs 2.7% in Jan
Feb mining output at 3.3% vs 5.3% in Jan
Feb manufacturing output at -2% vs 2.3% in Jan
Feb electricity output at 0.3% vs 3.9% in Jan
Feb capital goods output at -3.4% vs 10.7% in Jan
Feb consumer goods output at -5.6% vs -1% in Jan
Feb basic goods output at 2.4% vs 5.3% in Jan
Feb intermediate goods output at -0.2% vs -2.3% in Jan

But we have nothing to worry!

We don't hear about policy paralysis
We don't need a Lokpal or CVC or RTI anymore
We are having Congress Mukt Bharat

And Cows are having AchheDin!

Source for the statistics: @ETNowLive

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