Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Life under Modi Govt as per the Economic Times Poll

Look at the results of a poll conducted by one of the leading business newspapers, The Economic Times, on the life under Modi Govt.

Q. 5 shows 66% of those who responded think that the prices and cost of living has not reduced under this Govt.
Q. 4 shows that 57% feels Swachh Bharat has failed to make their cities any cleaner!
Q 3 says 60% of the people feel that crimes against women and children has not reduced, as promised.
Q 2 says 58% of the responses believe healthcare facilities and other services have not improved!
Now look at the first question. 69% of the respondents feel optimistic about their family's future in India (presumably under the same Govt). Does it look like a paradox? Of course, unless the responses are influenced by any of the following:
1.      The responses are from cows or Gau Rakshaks who are not bothered about the impact of Q 2 to Q 5 on families.
2.     The responses are based on the optimism that the electorate will change this Govt in just another two years and, therefore, the situation relating to Q 2 to Q 5 is only a short term issue.
3.       The poll and the accompanying report are designed to serve the same Govt's public relation objectives.
Now, can there be any other logic which can possibly explain the optimistic feelings of 69% of the people who took part in this poll, towards their family's future life under this Govt, given their own view on each of the parameters?

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